We carry a full line of control panels, effluent(discharge)pumps, sewage/sump pumps, sprinkler heads, aerators(compressors, linear, Gast Rotary-Vane, blower, shaft, piston), floats, timers, air sensors, alarm systems, UV lighting systems, liquid bleach conversion kits, bacteria treatments, septic and aerobic tanks/lids, aerator housings, risers, and infiltrator panels. We recently became proud distributors for ROOT X, a septic line and tank root killer and preventor. We have also teamed up with Sta-Rite, Hi-Blow, Secoh, and Charles Austen, to increase our customers' options on linear air compressors. We also specialize in surface application or drip emitter aerobic system installation and maintenance of NuWater, Southern, Norweco, Clearstream, Aqua Safe, Cajun Aire, Aqua Aire, Atlas Aire, Jet, Delta, Hoot, Pro Flo, Bio Microbics, and much much more.We install standard septic systems(lateral lines), infiltrator panels, soil substitution, low-pressure dose, and lift/transfer stations. We also provide vacuum waste removal, pumping, and desludging.

Helton Ingram Septic Inc.
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Serving Johnson and its surrounding counties since 1984
Typical Fiberglass Aerobic Septic System
Drip Emmitter Disposal System
Infiltrator Panel Disposal System
Norweco Style Aerobic Septic System
Typical Concrete Aerobic Septic Systems
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